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new animation

2009-02-09 16:23:27 by imltalian

my first animation in a while i hope it does well and doesn't loop i used 72 frames or more and 2 layers and i will try as hard as i can to make more if there are any problems PM me (the title is Stick stuff part 1)

new submishin

2008-09-09 16:23:10 by imltalian

great news everybody who likes the stuff i do iv just made a new game and iv posted it now remember rate and review thanks and when it dosent get blammend ill be on my way for awards!


2008-05-23 06:45:44 by imltalian

WooHoo iv got the 3 entry's on Newgrounds im getting rid of the stick one due to complents but thanks for support and the people that anr loving my flash.

my first flash

2008-05-08 06:41:03 by imltalian

i am sure you know that my first flash was made a little while ago well if it makes it to the stick collection i thank you.and if your wondering about the picture i do tae kwon doe its for all the bastards that think its stupid.